Sublimation is a type of printing process that utilizes heat to transfer dye into fabric. Colors and images are dye-sublimated onto transfer paper. The transfer paper and fabric are processed with heat and pressure to dye the fabric. It is different from screen printing in that you are dying the fabric of the shirt, rather than printing on top of it. This results in shirts where the sublimated ink can be seen, but not felt on the fabric.

Sublimation is limited to light colored apparel with high polyester content as it only adheres to the polyester fibers.  100% polyester will give you the best color, but if you want a more "vintage" look, you can use a lower percentage of poly.

Other than apparel, we can also sublimate full color onto other items like bag tags, dog tags, keychains, microfiber towels, pillow cases, masks, ornaments, stadium seat cushions, flipflops/slides, awards, etc...

 Bag Tags


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Polyester/Microfiber Pillow Cases